To maximize the impact of the Arts on economic development, education and the quality of life for everyone by generating resources, inspiring excellence, and creating community connections.

We build a stronger, more vibrant community through the Arts.

Economic Development and Talent Attraction
Educational Attainment
Build community


200 local businesses and organizations participate annually in employee campaigns donating to the Fund for the Arts directly from their pay checks. These are people who believe in the power of Art to build a stronger community.


Workplace campaigns make up 45% of the money the Fund for the Arts raises each year. Click here to see a list of the top employee Campaigns.


Donors to the Fund for the Arts receive rewards for their gifts including Art event discounts. The Fund for the Arts umbrella has become an iconic feature on the streets of our community on rainy days.


Donors to the Fund for the Arts of $52 or more per year receive an ArtsCARD that provides discounts to select performances/exhibits or merchandise at the Fund’s Cultural Partners. Click here list of general offerings.

Why give to the Fund for the Arts?

Since our founding in 1949, the Fund for the Arts has raised more than $188 million through our annual campaign to support the Arts.  More than 20,000 donors contribute to the campaign each year.

The Fund for the Arts builds a stronger community by investing in world-class Arts organizations, driving collaborative initiatives, fueling innovative arts-in-education programs and engaging corporate partnerships throughout the region. This allows us to compete with cities twice our size and contributes to our quality of place and our livability.

World-class institutions bring national acclaim, exciting performances and exhibits to our community; each contributing to our quality of place and our competitiveness as a city.

Louisville is one of only 10 cities in the entire country that supports all 5 major Arts organizations. This places Louisville in a heavy weight class with the likes of Chicago, LA, and New York City.

Visit our Cultural Partners
Educational programs that engage children, inspire excellence and improve academic success in the classroom and create transformative out of school opportunities.

400,000 Arts experiences are provided to children throughout our region. Programs like the 5×5 program ensure every child in fist through fifth grade experiences a professional Arts event, many that would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Learn About Education Opportunities
Collaborative initiatives create opportunities and leverage resources by building capacity and increasing engagement across organizations.

Arts are breaking free of traditional spaces. World-class organizations are bringing Art to the streets where we live and making about the community in which we live.

As a national leader in corporate partnerships; business and creative find a unified voice, a more educated workforce, and attract talent through the Arts.
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Help us define what Art means to you, your family, and your community.
Tell us what #ArtIs to you!


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The 2015 Allan Cowen Innovation Fund for Advancement of the Arts

Proposals are now being accepted for the 2015 Allan Cowen Innovation Fund for Advancement of the Arts Award. The $5,000 to $10,000 grant, established in 2013 to honor Cowen for his leadership, innovation and advancement of the Arts.

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Abby Shue accepts position as new Director of Corporate Relations

LOUISVILLE, KY, MARCH 9, 2015 – The Fund for the Arts is excited to announce that Abby Shue has been named as the new Director of Corporate Relations. The position will […]

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Fund hires new Director of Workplace Giving

Fred Johnson, retired Colonel in the US Army

LOUISVILLE, KY, FEBRUARY 23, 2015 – Retired Colonel, Fred Johnson has been hired to fill the Fund for the Arts Director of Workplace Giving […]